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Maoming Huizhzong Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd. was established in July 2012.The registered capital is RMB 56 million and 620 thousand, and the total investment is RMB 120 million. We located in Area A No. 10 An Le Dong Road Shuidong Town Dianmai District Maoming City, about 25 kilometers far away from the Shuidong port, and about 100 kilometers far away from Zhanjiang port. Maoming Huizhong is a large-scale enterprise which is specialized in aquaculture, acquisition,elaborate processing, storage,export.
Maoming Huizhong covers an area of about 40 acres, has about 13,000 square meters the building area and 7,000 tons of cold storage capacity. We currently has 5 screw compressors, 3 tilapia fillet production lines, 1 flake ice machine, 2 ozone gererators and a large number of domestic and foreign advanced stainless steel fish processing production line, 2 double helix single freezer with 2.5 tons per hour, 1 freezer room. The daily frozen capacity is around 90 tons, and the deep processing of aquatic products is around 20,000 tons. The factory are equipped with 200 square meters standardized laboratories with complete facilities.
Our main product is tilapia series products,golden pomfet series products and channel catfish series products, which are exported to USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Middle East,Africa and other countries and regions. The factory are designed according to the international food sanitation standard, with self-contained health facilities, reasonable equipment layout,smooth production line. All products are produced and quality are controlled according to the Food Safety Law, the Export Food Safety and Health Requirement, USD Seafood HACCP 123 Regulation,and EU Instruction 852/853/854(2004). We are an international modern frozen food processing factory with high starting point, high standard. We have a team of high quality, exquisite technology, and rich experience. We have 400 staffs ,10% are managerial staff.

 Maoming Huizhong aquatic products Co., Ltd.

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